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Assistant Special Agent in Charge
United States Secret Service (Retired)

Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Office of Training

  •  Chief of the

    •  Protection Branch
    •  Physical Skills Branch
    •  Tactical Training Branch
    •  Firearms Training Branch
  •  Supervisor of Control Tactics and Protective Controls

  •  Special Agent, Presidential Protective Division

  •  Prior Positions

    •  Police Detective
    •  Police Officer
    •  U.S. Air Force Security Police
  •  Awarded

    •  International Society for Performance and Instruction Award for Excellence.
    •  U.S. Treasury Award for development of U.S. Secret Service Control Tactics System
    •  Meritorious Award for acts during a hostage / deadly force situation involving an escaped inmate
  •  Developer / Originator of:

    •  The original Use of Force Paradigm for Enforcement and Corrections
    •  Speedcuffing - the original method of tactical handcuffing
    •  Principles of Control Training
    •  Extendible Baton System
    •  U.S. Secret Service Defensive Measures System
    •  Protective Controls (The Integrated executive protection operations and reaction system)
    •  Desmedt - Yelon Method of Open Skills Training and Testing
    •  Various protective training equipment
    •  Attack Management Training (Shielding, Distance, Movement / Countermeasure Concept)
    •  Six-Phase Firearms Training Protocol
    •  Zero Tolerance Firearms Scoring
    •  The Police S-A-F-E-T-Y System / Protective Safety Systems Control Tactics System
    •  Integrated Weapon Control Training
  •  Member

    •  International Association of Chiefs of Police
    •  Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #1
    •  American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
    •  American Society of Industrial Security
  •  Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor Certification

    •  Core Subjects
    •  Personal Protection
    •  Personal Protection Specialist Advanced Handgun
    •  Firearms
    •  Private Investigator
  •  NRA Police Firearms Instructor Certified

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