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To provide the highest quality and reliability in
Control Tactics Instructor Certification Training

Protective Safety Systems (PSS) is owned and operated by retired U.S. Secret Service management-see "Who We Are."  We developed the award winning "Integrated Control Tactics" and "Protective Controls" Systems.  Because of our standard setting concepts, methods, and developments, we have been widely emulated - see "PSS Firsts."  Protective Safety Systems is comprised of accomplished, professional trainers and developers, dedicated to keeping PSS on the leading edge of training and operations.  We have been providing services since 1983.

Common physical skills training is based on "mat-room" practice and contrived "scenario training."  Executing choreographed techniques in this traditional training is of paramount importance.
PSS is oriented toward real-world, practical, reasonable operation applicable to all situations and conditions  (totality of circumstances).  PSS training is designed to apply to the real world - not to the training world.  The same applies to our Control Tactics Instructor Training.  Our goal - Everything we do is based on logic and sound principles.  We continually evolve to meet the changing technology and conditions over the past 30 years and we have experience.

Graduates of our premium Control Tactics Instructor Course are instructors of:
  •   Principles of Control - (To build and enhance reasonableness and efficiency),
    •   Use of Force theory,
    •   Physics of Control,
    •   Body Mechanics,
    •   Task Specific Physical Control vs. martial arts, sports, or hobby applications
  •  Control Tactics
    • Detection and prevention tactics
    • Coordination between officers
    • Lone officer and ad hoc teams (teams that come together depending on when each arrives),
  •   Assailant Control
    •   Coordination,
    •   Security, and
    •   Detection & Prevention Tactics
  •   Control of Resistance
    •   Non-moving resistance- from low resistance to highly motivated
    •   "Flailing,"
    •   Running
  •   Handcuffing
    •   Cooperative, dangerous, and multiple subjects,
    •   REALISTIC purposes and procedures in case of resistance or attack during handcuffing,
    •   Various Environments,
    •   Variable Positioning
  •   Extendible  Baton
    • Use in realistic counter-attack, not manufacturer product liability avoidance training,
    • Multiple modalities of extendible baton use,
    • Various brands of manufacturer are included - your instructors can train with any brand,
    • Integrated with our Assailant Control training.
  •   OC
    • Reasonable situational expectations for the performance of OC,
    • Common officer errors when using OC,
    • Post spraying procedures.
  •   Weapon Control
    •   Knives,
    •   Handguns,
    •   Levers (long guns, bats, etc.).
  •   Open Skill Principles and Training Methods
    •   How to train for confusing, quickly changing, and unfamiliar situations,
    •   Devotion to representing the agency - liability prevention and ethical instructor behaviors,
    •  Traditional training skips this modality of training for the most part!
    •   Techniques are NOT the important factor, reasonable application of techniques to situations,
        as reasonably necessary for the totality of the circumstances (bottom line) IS.
    •   Injury Management - achieve realistic training with very low incidence of injury - unlike
        traditional training, which can create the opposite effect.
  •   Designing and Conducting Valid and Reliable Simulations
    •   Use of Simulated Ammunition,

    •   Realism vs. Simulation Paranoia,

    •   The Instructor as Trainer vs. The Instructor as Trick Master / Guru).

  •   Job-specific specialties for probation & parole, police, corrections, etc.

AND, unlike any course of which we are aware, graduates of this course know how to put it all together.  This is as close as you can get.